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Following the successful launch of Disney+ last week, Disney’s direct-to-consumer chairman Kevin Mayer recently spoke at Recode’s Code Media conference in Los Angeles and was asked about having more content for “grown-ups”. Since if you are looking for more content like “The Mandalorian”, there isn’t a huge amount on Disney+ at the moment.  While there […]

One of the biggest issues the launch of Disney+ has suffered from is from “hacked accounts”, which are being sold online for just a few cents. Which has caused some subscribers to be unable to watch shows like the Mandalorian. Following a special event at the Recode’s Code Media conference in Los Angeles, a Disney […]

Noelle is a brand new Disney+ Original movie starring Anna Kendrick as Kris Kringle’s daughter, Noelle, who sets off on a mission to find and bring back her brother (Bill Hader), after he gets cold feet when it’s his turn to take over as Santa. It’s a great fun family film for the holiday season, […]